Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

It's the day after Thanksgiving. A friend called at 9:00 this morning, wondering if we had been to the mall yet. No, that didn't occur to us.

The Mammon Emporium opened at 4 :00 AM. One place was offering laptop computers for $150 (small print: available only to the first 16 customers, most of whom spent the November night in line).

Meanwhile, news reports are surfacing of would-be consumers slugging it out for the best bargains. People are pushing and shoving in DeKalb, speaking harsh words in Decatur, and nearly freezing if they have camped in the parking lot in Dickson City.

Some describe this as the day on which the whole American economy turns. Perhaps we have a misdirected economy, if not a twisted view of what's important.

The Thanksgiving turkey is barely cold. So much for gratitude. We've downsized it to greed.

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